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 Air Conditioning System Comparison

Reverse Cycle Refrigeration

Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

Our recommendation for year-round comfort and energy saving

BEST FOR: Climate control of your entire home or premises with a discreet slimline design. The constant temperature is good for asthma sufferers and it also filters the air so you can enjoy cleaner air.

HOW IT WORKS: A compressor unit is placed in a low traffic area outside and the indoor unit in the ceiling space refrigerates the room air which is then pumped around the home or premises through ceiling vents via ducting placed in your roof space. Air is recirculated back through an air vent/grille for re-cooling/heating. Zones can be designed into your system allowing you to air condition or switch off different areas of the building.


PRICE: Starting from $8,000 fully installed


Evaporative Ducted Air conditioning

An economical and environmentally friendly cooling system

BEST FOR: Cooling your entire home or premises through the hot, dry WA summer. Great for open-door commercial premises. The fresh, filtered, non-drying air is great for children, indoor plants, and asthma sufferers. Performance is reduced in humid conditions.

HOW IT WORKS: Fresh air is drawn into your home or premises through water-laden filter pads then via ducting in your roof space the cool fresh air is pumped. Hot stale air is pushed outside through open doors and windows ensuring a constant flow of fresh air.


PRICE: Starting from $5,000 fully installed

Reverse Cycle
Split System

Split System Air Conditioning

A cost-effective option for a single room or area heating & cooling

BEST FOR: Individual rooms or spaces such as Bedrooms or open plan living areas.

HOW IT WORKS: Wall-mounted split systems have an indoor wall-mounted head unit connected by pipework and electrics to a compressor unit located in a low traffic area outside. Multiwall splits are also available which means you have one outdoor unit with two or more indoor units. Split systems are operated by a wall or remote controls and the head units come in a range of modern styles to suit all tastes. All models have new inverter technology are to control the frequency according to your desired temperature setting and outside air conditions, so that energy-efficient performance is maximised.

BRANDS WE SELL: Daikin, LG, & Teco

PRICE: Starting from $1,550 fully installed


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