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Ocean Air Also Do Solar Systems

Are you looking for quality solar PV panels in Geraldton?

Considering adding a solar battery to your existing solar power system?

As a local LG Energy Specialist, Ocean Air’s qualified technicians supply, install and service LG solar panels and batteries in Geraldton and the Mid West region.

Want to Learn More About Solar?

Download our Beginner’s Guide to Solar that explains everything you need to know about what to look for when purchasing a new solar system.

Why Choose LG Solar Panels?

  1. LG panels have a 25 year product warranty, which is fifteen years longer than the the standard for tier 1 panels!
  2. All LG solar panels are salt mist corrosion resistant and so are suitable for installation in Geraldton and Mid West Coastal towns.
  3. LG is a global diversified company you can rely on that has been in Australia for decades. Their precise production standards & quality control ensure an excellent built panel.

Why Choose Ocean Air for your Solar Installation and Service?

  1. We’re an LG Approved Installer with Clean Energy Council of Australia accreditation which means you can receive Federal Government rebates on your PV system.
  2. We have a skilled team of service technicians
  3. We’re local. By choosing Ocean Air you can expect quick and reliable service, installation and after sales support.
  4. We can install solar for both residential and commercial properties.
  5. Enjoy peace of mind with solar powered air conditioning. With Ocean Air Geraldton, you can combine an LG Solar System with a new air-conditioning system and have them both installed and serviced by a single local company.

Don’t risk your solar investment with an unknown solar installation company using inferior products or you may be left a ‘solar orphan’ to sort out the issues when the manufacturer or installer close up shop. Choose the quality and reliability of LG Energy solar systems – installed by Ocean Air Geraldton.

Visit the LG Energy website for more information.


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